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メモ: * は入力必須項目です



 1時間 3000円(税込)
 1時間 3500円(税込)
 1時間 4000円(税込)





 1時間 5000円(税込)
 1時間 8000円(税込)
 1時間 10000円(税込)
・着衣のみ 10000円(税込)
・ヌード含む露出が多い撮影 40000円(税込)































Request method

・For requests, DM on Twitter or Instagram

"Alternatively, we accept orders by email."

・It will be very smooth if you can include the following items when making a request.


② Desired date and time

③ Desired location

④ Required time

⑤ Add the purpose and use (exhibition, advertisement, event, painting class, practice, hobby, etc.)

・Twitter DM


・Instagram DM



"Please contact us at

* We may refrain from replying to those who do not have common sense as a member of society, those who do not have any evidence of regular shooting, or those who are distrustful.

model fee

[Art model]

・Clothes (costumes, etc.)

3000 yen per hour (tax included)

・Semi-nude (swimwear, underwear)

3,500 yen per hour (tax included)

・Nude woman

4,000 yen per hour (tax included)

[Subject model]

・Clothes (costumes, etc.)

5,000 yen per hour (tax included)

・Semi-nude (swimwear, underwear)

1 hour 8000 yen (tax included)

・full nudity

1 hour 10000 yen (tax included)

*Please allow 2 hours for shooting.

*For 1 day (within 8 hours) shooting

・Clothing only 10,000 yen (tax included)

・ Shooting with a lot of exposure including nudity 50000 yen (tax included)

*This is a prepaid transfer.

* In addition to the model fee, please pay the full amount of transportation expenses from Hamamatsu.

*It is possible to travel on business trips, but in that case, we will also ask for accommodation expenses.

*Although it is possible to have a meeting in advance, please bear the transportation expenses in that case.

*The displayed amount is an estimate.

It may change depending on the purpose of use and the situation.

About the costume

・I will bring what I have here. Please feel free to contact us.

When making a request, please tell us the image of the desired costume (color, shape, image, etc.).

・If you don't own a costume, please pay for it.

・You are welcome to bring in your own costume, but in principle, we cannot return any clothes that come into direct contact with your skin, such as underwear and swimwear.


・Do not touch the body of the model. (including restraint time during and outside of shooting, and travel time)

・It is strictly prohibited to give any instructions that the model dislikes, use abusive language, jargon, etc.

・You will be responsible for all studio fees and other expenses incurred during the shoot.

・Acts that leak the model's personal information on SNS, etc., and slander are prohibited.

・A manager may accompany you.

About the handling of the photographed works

・Thank you for your cooperation in confirming and handing over the shooting data.

・Acts other than photography, such as recording and sound recording, are also prohibited.

・In the case of shooting up to underwear, it is possible to upload without prior consent on SNS etc. Please be sure to consult us in advance for any further exposure.

· Of course, it is possible to use it for exhibitions, etc., but we would appreciate it if you could let us know in advance.

・Distribution and unauthorized sale of the original photo is prohibited.